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Last thursday I returned home to Sweden and I made it to my home town after almost 3,5 months of traveling! Me and my old classmate Alexander Hebbe, among with a lot of other friends that we met up on the trip, spent 1,5 months skiing in Wanaka (the heart of the south island in New Zealand), 1 month traveling around the beautiful country of New Zealand that seems to have it all, and to end the trip we spent three weeks at the surfing paradise in Bali. It was the longest, coolest, hardest, funniest trip that I have made in my entire life and I will probably carry the memories from the trip with forever!

I’ve putted up two album from the trip, one from New Zealand – The crazy country that has it all (including 15 sheep per inhabitan) big mountains, fjords, skiing, surfing, oceans, so big sand dunes that you can do sand-boarding on theme, rainforest, tropical heat, woods, kiwi’s, volcanos and so, just so much more!

And the other one from Bali – The surfing country and island of Indonesia, where we spent three weeks trying to master the crazy extreme sport together with the waves. An undeveloped country with a lot of fake products – Balibong and petrol bottled on swedish vodka bottles. I didn’t got so much pictures with me home as I lost both my camera and mobil on that trip.

To my facebook albumA specialization of Paradise, NZ 2011 

To my facebook albumSurfing Mania, Bali 2011 

Take care, cheers

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