Over the atlantic – Breck here I come!


Tomorrow is a big day, because tomorrow I will cross the atlantic once again and for the third time in my life travel to Breckenridge, Colorado! It will be the first time I will travel there by my own, but when I get there I will meet up with a lot of friends, so it will be okay. I’m super stoked to go there as we don’t have any snow at all in my hometown Torsby, so it will feel awesome to get straight in to ”real” winter + I will be skiing in two days from now!

This winter I will have my ”base” in Breckenridge and I have rented a house there with Maria Bagge, Nina Rusten and a lot more people. We have the house until 20th of febuary and I will spend most of my time there, except when I go home to Sweden for Christmas/New Years Eve plus a film/photo week down in Chamonix the first week of January!

Last year I went to the states around this time of year, here you can se some pictures from that trip:

Eveline and me! Last year I went to breck to participate in the first stop of Dew Tour and I ended with 6th place. This year Dew Tour will have 3 stops, and the girls will compete in two of theme – Killington n’ Snowbasin – so that means no competing for me this year in Breck.

It was a lot of snow last year, and I hope it will be the same this year! Here is my dad throwing down some awesome pow turns!


My dad riding down from the highest peak in Breckenridge (3914 m), which you can reach with a chairlift

This is the live webcam from Breckenridge. I’m going to winter!!!

Take care and stay tuned for updates, cheers

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