Backflip Mania

Thjupp out there!

Last couple of days I have been shreddin’ in Breckenridge and the park is really great at the moment! Awesome jumps, great weather and good friends – can it be better?

For the moment I’m trying to get focused and motivated, really want to improve my riding but sometimes I feel likes it’s hard to learn new stuff. Hopefully there will be two days with good weather conditions now so I can practice some stuff for Dew Tour in Snowbasin, which we are leaving for at wednesday. It will be my last competition here in the states for this season and soon will also the time here in Breck be over. So tomorrow is shreddin’ mode and I will really try to get down some 900’s!

Early morning and breakfast at our table. Niklas looking tired and sceptic.  

Julius Aspman got my barrier of Backflip’s away yesterday when I was riding with him, so now I think they are so much fun again, thx a lot Julius! Nina and me where going around doing this all day, and what we’re doing was that I was doing backflip times 3 and she was doing frontflip times 3 – side by side.

It was a little bit cold today, so we stopped at the restaurant at base of peak 8 and had a really nice cup of coffee! But I wonder where Niklas went, maybe he spent a little to much time with that camera…?

Now I’m going to check out some episodes of Breaking Bad + try to solve Rubik’s Cube!
Take care, cheers

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One Comment on “Backflip Mania

  1. It is such a pleasure riding with you emma! aswel as I took your B-flip fear away You took some of mine away! definitely the best parkday this season. have a blaaaaast :)

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