6th at X Games


I’m now on my way back home to Sweden and we’ve had a loooong trip back from X Games due to snowy conditions… We started on Sunday evening with a 9hrs car ride to get from Aspen to Denver, original travel time 3,5 hrs. After a short nights sleep we we boarded the plane and after 3hrs of waiting in the plane during de-icing, we found out that the plane was cancelled. We got off the plane and it took around 4-5 hours to fix a hotel. We slept for 4 hours and then back to our rescheduled flight the morning after. Then we got delayed again and due to that we missed our connection in Frankfurt to Stockholm, equal an additional 3 hrs wait. Hopefully that will be the last waiting time this trip, and if so = 65 hrs since we started from Aspen –> I’ll be back home in Torsby. PHEW!

So, how was X Games? -It was sooo much fun :D

The course was, as you saw in my previous post, really nicely built, and we were so lucky with the weather! We had three great days of training before our comp came along on Friday. The weather was perfect, so was the course, and I dare to say that it was the best leveled Female Ski Slopestyle competition ever!

Unfortunately I ended up falling all my three runs. I went for a new trick, a switch 1080 on the last kicker, which I knew that I needed it to challenge for the podium …and this time it just didn’t work out. Happy to’ve been a part of such a great comp and I hope that I get to come back next year again!

Here’s my best run, would’ve wanted to land this so badly!
Emma Dahlström X Games, Run 3/3

Here’s the top 3 results and their runs:
1. Kelly Sildaru, 93.00
2. Tiril Sjåstad Christensen, 91.66
3. Johanne Killi, 85.66

… full results http://xgames.espn.go.com/xgames/events/2016/aspen/results/400861359/women-ski-slopestyle


Photo: Kjell Ellefson / Freeskier Magazine


Super happy to’ve had some support from home! My dad, his girlfriend Katarina and my boyfriend Elias made it over Atlantic :D


Here they are, my dad, Elias and Katarina. And then on the far right Rocie and Kirsten that I know from NZ :D Thanks for cheering! Made it smile big time :D


Emma X
Photo: Ilanna Emily
A switch 1080 mute on the last jump.


Photo: Kjell Ellefson / Freeskier Magazine
A right 5 safety on the 2nd kicker.


Photo: Kjell Ellefson / Freeskier Magazine
A cork 720 rev japan, followed by Mr Ferrrrrix


12636949_950286211675850_1400266414_oAnd here’s my dad, me and my coach Mr Felix!


Next up, SST in Kläppen (a national comp in Sweden)!



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