Big Air at Fenway, Boston

Hello Boston!

Just got back to the states after a great n’ mellow week at home in Sweden. I’ve returned for the Big Air at Fenway arena in Boston! They’ve built a massive scaffolding jump that’s 140 ft / 43 m tall which is inside the legendary Baseball arena of Red Sox – Fenway (built 1912).

So far we’ve had one night of practice and we only got to hit the jumps a few times during 1,5 hrs. It was pretty bumpy, but the jump was way better than I expected. The trannies are fast but not to hard to handle. Tomorrow we’ll get another 3 runs or so as a warm up before the quali’s start, so hopefully that will be enough time to get ready. 6 out of 12 girls will make it through to the finals.

This is the first scaffolding jump that I’ve ever hit, so it was pretty scary to drop in for the first time. If you want to check it out and maybe get a hint of how it feels, watch this POV footy on my Facebook page.

Schedule, Friday 12/2 (EST time):
9:55-12:50 Men’s Ski Qualification (Best of 2 runs)
14:00-14:50 Ladies’ Ski Qualification (Best of 2 runs)
20:00-21:27 Men’s and Ladies’ Ski Finals (Best 2 of 3 runs)

The arena at Fenway Park


The jump from the side. It’s not to big, maybe around 18 meters and has a mellow take off that’s not to poppy. I hope that the inrun and the landing stays pretty smooth, because I have a feeling it’s going to be very bumpy!


One more view of the jump and a looooot of baseballs. All important baseballs that were used during Red Sox games when they won the MLB title in 2004!


Imagine all these seats filled up with people during night? I really hope that I get to qualify to finals so I get the chance to experience that.


So much scaffolding!


fenway shayMr Shay Williams caught me in action during training.


2016-02-11 17.40.002016-02-11 17.39.48
Our start list for the ladies’ qualification



We got to go explore as we had nothing to do on Thursday. So we ended up going to Harvard (mohaha, do you hear how that sounds?) and we also got to check out a part of the harbor!


The memorial hall at Harvard.


GOPR5418The entrance of the Memorial Hall. Pretty cool building!


We went inside to check out the science center, were we happen to find the first programmable computer. Pretty compact if I say so.


Harvard University Widener Library


Charlestown harbor


Charlestown harbor


Boston, MA, May 10, 2012:  The Boston Red Sox face the Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park. (Photo by Amanda Swinhart/Boston Red Sox)This is how it looks when Red Sox is enter Fenway


Stay tuned for more updates!


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