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We just arrived in Bokwang, South Korea! I’ve been looking forward to this trip for so long and now we’re finally here. It’s my first time skiing in Asia (if you don’t count Russia) and it’s quite different from everywhere else that I’ve skied before. The resort is really cool and the people is very happy and friendly. They also have super delicious coffee and you get served mini squids.

We’ve now had two days of practice in the course. The first day the weather was quite challenging with wind and flat light, but today, during the 2nd day of practice it was really nice. The course is quite solid though, as it was raining a few days before we arrived here.

It’s definitely one of the most creative courses that I’ve tried in my career and it’s both fun and challenging!

Tomorrow it’s time for qualification and I’m very nervous as I haven’t landed my run yet, wish me luck!

Here’s some pics from the course, all shot with my GoPro HERO4 Silver:


The view from the top. The first feature offers a lot of different options. On the left it’s a flat bar/side box with a 3,5 m drop. In the middle a down-flat-down rail and to the right of that you’ll find a down tube. On the very right you have a flat-down box.


The 1st feature from below.


The 2nd feature also has a lot of different options. To the left you have a hip with three different take offs. In the middle there’s a down-flat.down tube. To the right it’s a up box to a closeout with a super long flat down rail.


The 2nd feature from below


The third feature has a very high flat bar to the left and frank the tank to the right.


The third feature is then followed by a corrugated flat tube, which comes with a 3 m drop.


The first jump has a small and a big kicker. The small is probably around 16 m and the big one around 20 m.


The 2nd jump has a big hit in the middle, around 22 m, and it also has the options to hit it from the side. Then on either side of the big take off there’s a smaller option that’s around 12 m.


The third feature is very cool. It has a big jump in the middle which is around 23 m and then on each side they have an angled jump!


Jesper Tjäder is floating over the third jump feature.


2016-02-16 14.09.07Here are the ladies who will start in qualifications tomorrow. Stacked field! 


Now it’s time for dinner, yum!


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