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After a 2,5 hrs drive from home I just arrived in Oslo, Norway! I’m so excited for this week and it’s crazy that they’ve built the biggest scaffolding jump ever in the middle of Töyen, straight in the city center.

I’ve now tried the jump twice and it’s really smooth! As everything is quite big the angles and pressure in the trannies are not that bad. Although, I still nearly fainted when I was going to drop switch for the first time, but it went fine, haha. We have another training tonight and I hope to put down the tricks that I want for finals! Weather’s looking great for tomorrow and it’s going to be a crazy show as everyone have been going insane during practice!

Schedule Saturday 27/2:
-16.00 Women’s Ski Big Air Final
-16.50 Women’s Snowboard Big Air Final

-18.00 Men’s Ski Big Air Final
-19.10 Men’s Snowboard Big Air Final

(Watch it live in Sweden on SVT 1 16.00-17.30, then the rest will be live streamed on svtplay.se)


All pics taken with my GoPro HERO4 Silver:

Click the picture to watch the video.
My dad has organized so there will be two buses coming from my home town to cheer me on, which be around 90-100 people! Gonna be crazy to have a little cheering squad lined up :D


Ska?rmavbild 2016-02-26 kl. 08.02.05
Click the picture to watch the video.
Felix made a short interview with me, Jesper and Woodsy! (50/50 swedish n’ english)


Felix is checking out the jump



It’s so tall, and the elevator is really scary! Feels like harlem shake on the way up.


Me, Lisa and Kaya on the way to the top!


The view from the top, 57 meters above ground.


Dropping in!


Mid-air 5 mute


So much scaffolding


GOPR5640The jump from the media tower. The table is around 18 meters long and it has a quite big hang time!






The best part, they groom the landing with these cute pisty!


gopropanoOXGThe arena. Imagine, tomorrow night it’s going to be 16’000 people down there (+ some more in the park)!





Stay tuned!


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