Bronze at X Games Oslo


What a day! Oslo delivered beautiful weather and a massive crowd when it was time for our Big Air contest at Töyen. 15’000 tickets had been sold and I believe that there were at least a bonus of 5-10’000 people watching from the outside of the arena as well. The atmosphere when you were standing on the top of the 57 meter high scaffolding jump was incredible. I felt very honored to be skiing in front of all these people and I will remember that boost for a long time!

Before my first run I had a great feeling. I wasn’t to nervous and had decided to enjoy this moment. I dropped in feeling strong, but on the take off something happened. I got off balance, ended up a little short and crashed. Whoops…

For the 2nd run I became very focused and pretty nervous. I took some more speed and managed to land a switch 720 nose mute. It was probably the best switch 7 that I’ve ever done, so I was very pleased. Although, if I had landed that first one as planned, I would’ve liked to try that sw 1o…

I can’t believe that I’ve now managed to win two X Games medals in my career, something I could only dream for as a kid. I’m overwhelmed and the new piece of bronze is very welcome in my price shelf!

Click the picture to check my Bronze run from Töyen:

Ska?rmavbild 2016-03-03 kl. 20.24.03

Ska?rmavbild 2016-03-03 kl. 20.31.11
A want to send out a massive thank you to all the people who came from Torsby to watch me compete in Oslo! You really made this competition one of my best ones so far! I was standing on the top and I could see a massive yellow ocean of people that was cheering for me, nearly 100 in total. It was a pretty unreal feeling! Thank you thank you thank you!

Happy to be sharing the podium with these two awesome ladies! Taking it home on their home field must have been an unreal feeling!
Photo: David Malacrida

Photo: David Malacrida


Stay tuned, next up –> The World Cup final in Silvaplana, Switzerland!


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