Mini holiday in Stockholm n’ Trosa


After a hectic season it’s nice to sometimes just be still for a moment. I had five days in between two events so I decided to stay where I had my original flight ticket booked and explore the area around Stockholm for a few days. It’s funny how it sometimes feels like you know less about your own country than others…

Elias came along and we had a blast walking around Stockholm for two days. After that we headed down to Trosa and to the south part of Stockholm’s archipelago, where we checked in to a nice little hotel & spa.

Trosa is a wonderful small town with a little creek that floats through it (fun fact, trosa means pantie in Swedish, hihi). All the houses are very cute n’ small and it feels like you step in to the world of a fairytale. I really, really enjoyed our time there – the perfect place to eat awesome food, enjoy delicious chocolate from a local shop and take small jog’s around the town!

Here’s some pics from our mini vacation, all taken with my GoPro HERO4 Silver:

There are so many old n’ cool buildings when you walk around Stockholm. Here’s the school Norra Real, used since 1890.


The Opera!

Elias is enjoying the view. In the background you see the royal castle and the Swedish parliament.

The castle to the left n’ the parliament to the right.

The Parliament

Inside the royal castle. Super cool to walk around in there, so fancy and so pretty!

The guard outside the castle

I found a new friend in the museum!

Walking around Old Town, so many narrow alleys!

Pretty houses in the Old Town

Love the atmosphere here!

t1 GOPR6654
Our hotel in Trosa.

t2 GOPR6658
Such a nice vibe in this small town. Pretty houses and the atmosphere were so calm.

t3 GOPR6660

t3 GOPR6661
Enjoying some really good food at the hotel! Best dish I’ve eaten this year.

t4 GOPR6645
Running next to the archipelago!

t5 GOPR6666
The cutest little chocolate shop!

t6 GOPR6667

t7 GOPR6706
We went even more south of Trosa and visited the nature reserve Stendörrarna, where you walk between the islands in the archipelago.

t7 GOPR6733
It was a beautiful walk!

t8 GOPR6724You make me happy!

t8 GOPR6927

t9 GOPR6884

t10 GOPR6713

t10 GOPR6748
We made a small BBQ! Spring is coming, whoop whoop

t11 GOPR6891

t12 GOPR6925

This trip was so nice, and it really got me excited for more exploring in Sweden!


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