Nine Queens 2016

What a week we just had at Nine Queens!

This year the crew had put together an amazing chateau with no less than five take offs. It had two normal take offs as the main feature, one a little poppier than the other, two side hits that were really smooth, and last but not least, in the middle you rode through a tunnel to hit a smaller kicky take off! All of them shaped in to perfection as normal! To the side of this we also had a jib feature with three rails and a snow bridge!

Nine Queens has always been very special to me and this year didn’t disappoint either. It’s the one week that I’m looking forward to the most during the whole season and it is so much fun to shred with all the hyped ladies! Thank you, thank you, thank you Nico, the whole 9Q crew and to Schneestern for making this event, yieeeha!

Super duper excited that I managed to stomp my first ever sw 1080 during this week! A trick that I really wanted to put down for quite some while now. So was good to finally get it and you can watch it 0:56 in the highlight video!

Check out some videos n’ photos from the week:


1 12829066_1124855094211421_2074066168957104378_o
This year’s crew of ladies!


2 10494992_1124854570878140_2806708756121818612_o
It’s all about the details


2 G0046409
Tjena tjena!


3 12829539_1125105197519744_7909513080997826061_o
This year’s set up! So sick!


4 12842469_10153855507785973_294637348_o

5 12828561_1126229604073970_4411825742801037959_o
GoPro workshop, everyone received a new GoPro Hero4 Session, thank you guys!


IMG_0003P: Shay Williams


6 edit2
Left 5 safety! Guess where the camera is?


8 IMG_0002
P: Shay Williams


9 EmmaDahlstroem_G0061940_rt


10 IMG_0013
P: Shay Williams
Mute’s are fun! Here’s a 5!


10 J2016-03-18 08.44.04
The hotel breakfast was so amazing!


10 J2016-03-19 07.57.52
Breakfast view! Serfaus <3


11 IMG_0019
P: Shay Williams
A good ol’ backie during the sunrise shoot!


12 IMG_0014
P: Shay Williams
A sw cork 5 during the sunrise shoot!


13 12496160_1131028776927386_7753397253973808077_oTravel essentials on the shuttle home with Olga, Dasha, Simon n’ Emil!


Can’t wait for next year!


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