WC Silvaplana | 1st place

I’m so incredibly happy right now!

Once again I managed to end up in the podium here at the World Cup Final in Silvaplana! It was a really tough start field and I feel so happy about landing a run that made me end up on the top. This was my 6th podium this season, and I’m so grateful to’ve been able to ski my best at nearly every contest this year. It was also my 3rd consecutive year ending up on the podium on this contest, must be something with the air here in the Swiss alps! :D

After this finish it also made me grab the 2nd in the World Cup Overall for this season. Making it my third consecutive year on the overall podium. Thank you to everyone who’s been cheering for me and to all of those who have been supporting me during this incredible season!

Results Women’s Final:
1. Emma Dahlström, 82.00 (SWE)
2. Giulia Tanno, 73.40 (SUI)
3. Maggie Voisin, 69.60 (USA)
… check full results here

Results Men’s Final:
1. Andri Ragettli, 91.20 (SUI)
2. Fabian Bösch, 89.40 (SUI)
3. Oystein Bråten, 88.80 (NOR)
… check full results here

Ska?rmavbild 2016-03-05 kl. 20.03.41Click the picture to check out a video of my run!

Photo: FIS Freestyle
We were super lucky with the weather! It was a beautiful morning with nearly no wind and soft snow. During the afternoon it came in some clouds which made the visibility pretty bad.

Photo: FIS Freestyle
Hanging out a backie on the 2nd s-feature!

Photo: Franco Furger
A right 5 safety on the first kicker

Photo: Franco Furger
Globe’s and champagne. This year I couldn’t top Tiril’s season and she ended up on the 1st place in the overall. Epic job T!

Photo: FIS Freestyle
Skiing makes me so happyyyyyyy

Photo: FIS Freestyle
The girls podium, Giulia Tanno, me and Maggie Voisin

Photo: FIS Freestyle
With the guys podium as well, joined by: 1st Andri Ragettli, 2nd Fabian Bösch and 3rd Oystein Bråten!

Photo: FIS Freestyle
And here’s the podium for the world cup overall! 1st, Tiril Sjåstad Christiansen and Andri Ragettli. 2nd, me and Oystein Bråten. 3rd, Lisa Zimmermann (not here) and Mcrae Williams

Next up —> European Freeski Open in Laax. I haven’t been competing at that comp since 2011, so I’m really stoked to finally be able to go back. Stay tuned!



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