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I just arrived in St. Mortiz, Switzerland for the last and final world cup of the season. We’ve now had one day of training in the course and one day of waiting around. We were supposed to have our qualification today, but due to bad weather, the boys quali’s took way to long so our comp got postponed until tomorrow. As it look right now there’s coming in a big snowstorm on Saturday, so they’ll try to run everything tomorrow, Ladies Qualification in the morning and then Men’s and Ladies Finals after noon.

The course is pretty demanding and it’s not a good combo with bad weather. The speed is pretty tight for the 2nd and 3rd jump and we saw a lot of nasty knuckles during today’s qualification. Brrrr, I’m crossing all my fingers and toes for better weather tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Here’s some pics from the course, all taken with my GoPro HERO4 Silver:

Here’s our Swedish team for the week! Pontus Nordström, Niklas Larsson Zakrisson, Emil Granbom, Jesper Tjäder and me. Unfortunately Coach Patric caught a really nasty cold and needed to go home…



The first feature is pretty small and nice. It has three different options, a flat rail, a bouncy flat shoot out and a flat-down-flat rail!


The 2nd feature is a very unique feature. It’s two velodrome turns that ends with a drop/bank.


The first jump. About 18 meters and it’s really tricky to find the speed as you need to make a lot of speed checks coming in to it.


The 2nd jump. Around 21 meters and probably the nicest jump in course if you ask me!


The 3rd jump has a big airtime and is around 23 meters.


The 2nd rail feature has a rainbow rail, a bonk ball and a up-down bar.


Another view of the 2nd rail feature.


The third rail feature and final obstacle in the course. It’s a staircase with two closeout rails on either side.


Here’s another view of the last rail feature.


Shredding with the girls during the wait for quali’s! Me, Guilia Tanno, Katie Summerhayes and Johanne Killi.






GOPR5941Here’s Pontus. The scenery here is insane! I really love the alps, gaaaaaaah




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