GoPro Athlete Summit | Gold Coast, Australia


I just got back home after a wonderful week in Australia. It was GoPro who invited me to be part of their athlete summit in Gold Coast, where they invite all there athletes from around the globe. Such a crazy event with lots of activities from early mornings til’ late nights, and I got so inspired by all the athletes from all kind of different sports, some really do crazy stuff! We also got some help to understand and improve our social medias, editing and how to use the GoPro cameras in general.

The best thing about the week was probably to see and learn from everybody how they use the camera, I got super inspired to capture some new things!

Here’s some photos from the week:


2016-05-14 20.26.02-2
Packing the essential GoPro equipment!


Sunrise at the harbor where we stayed at Sanctuary Cove! P: GoPro HERO4 Black


GoPro buffet for activities! P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


First day we went and tried out an experience with V8 Supercars! OMG, they were fast, such a rush! So much fun to race an actual race car and I easliy drove the fastes I’ve ever driven. P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


We also got to drive this V8 car on a slippery water course! Drifting! P: GoPro HERO4 Black


Risking the camera for the picture (it nearly got driven over, whoops). This picture also won ”Best picture” of the week, so I won a new Macbook Pro 15″ included with all Adobe programs! Yiiehaa! P: GoPro HERO4 Black


2016-05-10 18.38.01GOPR9881
Had two first’s – first time seeing an Coala AND first time trying out a SUP! Really wanted to bring both with me home ;) P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


Feeding exotic birds! White Ibis! Although, it’s not really exotic down there as it’s super common. P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


White Ibis close up! P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


Thx gopro FB
Never thought that I would see myself printed on the side of a bus!?!P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


aussie roo 2
Woke up really early my last morning and went out on a kangaroo hunt! They are such cuties! P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


aussie roo fb
Wus’ up roo? P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


During the last day we had a day filled with activities! One of them was pretty tricky – jetpack basket! Would you try? P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


Issy taking the shot for the 3′ points – Jetpack basket! P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


During the 2nd day we went surfing at Spit Beach, Surfers paradise! So nice to have a pre-start to the summer with warm water n’ warm weather! P: GoPro HERO4 Black


Duck dive, blub blub blub blub! P: GoPro HERO4 Black


goproweekThanks guys! This week was a lot of fun and I will bring with me loads of memorable memories back home. Feel honored to be a part of this incredible action family! P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


Take care, cheers


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