Kayaking and camping around Vänern


Five years ago I tried kayaking for the first time. It was when I was backpacking in New Zealand near a harbor in Wellington. I remembered that I liked it but never got the chance to try it again. But this past weekend I got to go out and try it once more – and it was magic!

I made a trip down south to go paddling together with Maria and her boyfriend Pontus out in Vänern (the biggest lake in Sweden). The trip came as a surprise to Maria and we came up with it as she turned 30 that day, she had no clue that we were going out camping and that I was going to join! We brought camping gear and headed out from mainland to find a place to stay on an island during the night. The weather was really good and it ended up being a magical little trip. I have to go out and do some more kayaking real soon!

Check out some pic’s from the trip:


GOPR2345You need a lot to gear to camp – at least that’s what we think. Next time we’ll try to go even lighter!
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Boohja, feels good to be back in a kayak!
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På tur aldring sur!
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GOPR2389P: GoPro HERO4 Silver


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GOPR2432Time to find a place to make a bbq and set up camp!
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We had a beautiful sunset
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Brrrr, lets take a swim! Pretty chilly in the water but we were lucky that it was warm weather!
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Me n Maria is trying some moves, who will fall in first?
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Time to make a BBQ! Grilled cron, home made potato sallad, cherry tomatoes and some delicious grilled halloumi!
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2016-06-03 21.34.46
The scenery on this island was stunning (Östra Långholmen, Vänern)


2016-06-03 21.39.46
Trying to be acrobatic with a self-timer, haha. We kind of nailed it, don’t you think? (It was a 10 sec timer)


Our camp site with a view… This tent was also my n’ Pontus gift to Maria, I hope she liked it!
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Waking up to this <3
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GOPR2460Thanks for an awesome trip guys!!! <3
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2 Comments on “Kayaking and camping around Vänern

  1. Så vackra bilder! Har aldrig havskajakat men i en bäck (eller säger man kanske älv eller å). Min man (då pojkvän) tog med mig på en kort tur, typiskt honom att en del av den turen var uppströms, ja alltså paddla upp, mot strömmen. Fast det gick ju bra ändå även fast det var många sura och arga miner hos mig

    • Tack! Oj ja det lät som ett riktigt träningspass att paddla uppströms! Vi hade lite liknande på vår tur då det blåste motvind hela vägen hem dagen efter vi campat. Skön träningsvärk dagen efter kan jag lova :)

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