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My biggest summer project this year was to try and convert a van into a rolling home! Me n’ my boyfriend Elias went and bought a van in late April and we started to build with full force in mid June. It was something we both had thought about for a long long time, and it’s so nice to finally start doing something that you’ve been dreaming of!

As we knew, it turned out to be a challenging project, it took a lot of time, effort, sweat, tears and the most important, a lot of laughter.

Check out our build through the pictures below. If you want more details, go to Buster’s Instagram – @wayofbuster

Here he is, Buster! A Volkswagen Transporter T5, 2.5 from 2006. P: Elin Dahlström



The first thing we did was to clean all his nooks and crannies. He was pretty dirty as he’d been working in the flower delivery business before we bought him. There was soil and spiders everywhere, brr.


First layer – Platon! A kind of bubbly plastic that would work as a moisture barrier.


Buster looks so bubbly


We had a perfect guard dog!


2nd layer – winter rug (sleeping pad). To insulate Buster we choose to use a material that was very similar to a sleeping pad. Only difference was that instead of buying a small piece we bought 100 square meters. We’re going to have sleeping pads until we grow old, haha.


2016-07-03 21.58.25
Some chill time between work. Here’s Elias with my niece Elna and my sisters guard dog Nelly.


2016-06-22 19.34.37
Then it was time for the walls, we choose 4mm plywood, as it’s light and pretty cheap!


First look of the new walls! We also painted them with a type of stain.


The back door also needed to get decorated with some plywood. We also fixed a door handle so we can open the trunk from the inside.


2016-07-10 14.40.55
We mounted a fan to keep the van fresh. This is a Sun Vent from Biltema, it charges the built in battery during the day and then runs of it during the night. Worked great and is very convenient.


2016-06-28 10.08.16
First night in Buster and some chill time with Bruce Springsteen at Ullevi in Gothenburg!


2016-06-27 22.36.13

Back at it! We had now mounted our white roof and it was time to build the bed!


Note to ourself, build a house next time, it must be way easier where all the angles are straight… We had some trouble figuring out how we should solve everything as nothing is straight and there is fans, doors and wheels in the way. But, we had a really good time figuring things out together!


2016-07-03 18.51.24
Taadaaa, we have a bed!


As you have little space you need to use it all. Here’s the storage compartment under the bed.


Fully packed and ready for the 2nd mini vacay with Buster – The World Champs in Rallycross in Höljes!


Busters first party!


We wanted a nicer touch on the floor in the ”living area”, but as a wooden floor weighs a lot, we decided to go with a tarkett mat.


2016-08-03 19.30.21
Building the side storage.


2016-08-04 17.12.392016-08-05 15.50.48
It has a bench and a box. Underneath it you can fit both surfboards and skis.


2016-08-05 15.50.23Only the paint at the tops that’s missing.


Namnlo?st-1Building the kitchen bench. Big enough to fit all the kitchen gear, the cooler, a Goal Zero Yeti 400 and some food! We decided to not install a stove inside the van as we really like to be outdoor and cook. So we have a portable multi-fuel MSR kitchen.


Next post will be the finished result!



Emma n’ Elias

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