Foggy Folgefonna


For the first time I got the chance to go to Folgefonna, which is one of the best glaciers to ski on in Norway. It’s only 150 km east of Bergen, so it has a lot of shitty weather, as Bergen is one of the cities in Europe where it rains the most, and the weather was very typical = foggy every singel day!

But wow, what a landscape! Can’t believe I’ve never been here before. The scenery reminds me of the fjords in New Zealand and the mountains leave you hang with your mouth open as they are so incredible. I will for sure go back!

We had 5 ski days, and we ended up skiing four out of those days. One day it was just no idea to go up as it was raining sideways. The park was fun and it felt a little weird to get back at my skis at first, as I haven’t been skiing since April. Although, after two days it came back and I had a blast together with the team.

Mysterious roads on our 8,5 hrs drive to Fonna.


2016-07-13 10.57.26
Baaaaaa, so much sheep and cows on the way up to the hill

2016-07-13 16.20.12
Close up

2016-07-13 16.02.31
Stunning landscapes!

2016-07-13 16.05.37

2016-07-13 15.59.59The road was so narrow on the way up to the hill!


2016-07-13 16.01.28G0011720
Booohja, back on them skis!

Where is the slope?

During our last day it was raining sideways and we could barely see anything whatsoever = we took two runs :’)


2016-07-15 10.52.28
Jesper’s getting the shot

Hanging with new friends!

One of our days there the weather was so bad that we decided to go on a little roadtrip instead. We drove around a little part of the Hardanger Fjord.

We went to this waterfall, where you could walk under the waterfall. Steindalsfossen!


GOPR4376Thank you Norway, I will for sure be back! But hopefully there will be some better weather next time :D





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